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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay annually to maintain my membership in QPro to keep my certification current?

Yes, to remain current and active you must pay annually to maintain certification and complete 12 QPro CEUs a year.

How much do membership, tests and study guides cost?

Visit the Membership page or the store to see individual prices. If you don’t find what you are looking for go to our “Contact us” link or Email support@qpro.com

Do you offer Student Pricing?

QPro keeps its pricing very competitive and offers the same low price for professionals as well as students.

How many CEUs are required to keep my membership?

CEUs will be needed renew individual certificates. CEUs will not be needed to renew memberships.

How many CEUs will I need to stay certified?

You will need to earn 12 CEUs between when you earn your certification and when it expires within 1 year.

If I get a new certification will the CEUs I've done for my other certifications count towards keeping the new one?

For a CEU to count towards a certification it must be done while the certification is valid. For example, if you receive a CEU in February, it doesn't count towards a certification you later receive in March. It would, however, count towards any applicable certifications you may have received in January, before you received the CEU.

How long does it take for submitted CEUs to be reviewed and processed?

Submitted CEUs automatically are approved, then reviewed after. This way, if you forget to submit your CEUs until last minute, there's no lapse in any certifications unless there are issues upon review.

How much are CEUs from QPro?

CEUs from QPro have no additional cost to QPro Members.

What if I have 5 different certifications/qualifications? How many CEUs will I need?

Many of the CEUs will count for multiple specialties. The total CEUs you need will depend on which CEUs you earn. For example, if you earn a CEU that counts for 2 of your certifications you will have 1 CEU earned toward each certification.

What counts as a CEU?

A QPro CEU credit is authorized for most educational sessions, seminars, courses, etc. providing training/information relevant job duties. These sessions do not need to be pre-approved by QPro, but information must be relevant, and the presenter recognized as qualified and credible. CEU credits are not authorized for independent study methods that can’t be verified such as presentations by video tape, audio tape, CD/ROM interactive programs. Self study courses, except those specifically approved in advance by QPro, are not authorized for CEU credit. As a QPro member you will have access to enough CEUs to maintain your certification each year. QPro also accepts CEUs granted by other credentialing entities.

How do I submit CEUs?

Follow, maintain and track your CEUs in the CEU tracking tool at QPro.com

How long does the CEUs take to complete?

Usually about one hour, although it may be more or less depending on the CEU.

How many times can I take the test?

Once the exam is purchased, you may retake the test if needed until you pass.

Can I stop and exam and start again in the same place?

No. Once an exam has been started, it must be completed in the same session.

Do I need years of experience before I take a qualification test or will I be limited to a lower certification status?

If you can show that you can use internet and book resources in the test then you are qualified to do the job.

How will becoming QPro certified benefit me in my career?

Professionals recognize your skills and qualifications as a specialist because of the real world testing provided by QPro, Employers recognize QPro for it's requirements in certifying, and prefer employing those individuals who are more than just certified but qualified to do the job. They know that a employee or consultant who is qualified will be an asset to their workforce. You will be able to network with other qualified professionals at QPro, employers, etc through the unique networking programs.

What are some of the best ways to prepare for the exam?

The best way to prepare for the exam is to purchase one of our study guides to help you study for the exam. Additionally, there are otherl resources highlighted on the QPro website.

Do I have to purchase a study guide in order to prepare for the exam?

Only you can answer this question. If you have had a-lot of experience in the specialty you are choosing to be certified in the study guide may help to help you close some of the gaps in your knowledge for study preparation. We provide study guides as a resource for your qualification exam, and we have developed these to help ensure your success. Most QPro members purchase the study guide, and then use it reference material in their career.

What is the purpose of the study guides?

The QPro Study Guides were developed to re-acquaint Qualified Professionals with principles that are not only used on a daily or weekly basis but also important detail that is applicable more infrequently. Principles that are not used on a daily, or even monthly, basis tend to diminish in the archives of our minds. The study guides are intended to "refresh" your memory and even provide a few concepts that are new to help you be a better Qualified Professional.

Who can purchase a study guide?

Anyone can purchase a study guide. Go to QPro.com to purchase study guides.

What are some things I should know about taking the exam?

We are measuring if you are qualified to do the job rather than just certified. We make the Exam Open Book and Internet. What is important is if given the resources you would use to do your job could you accomplish your requirements in a timely matter. Your effectiveness is what we are measuring. Of course we don’t want you to phone or chat a friend to answer the questions.

I have a Certification from other Associations. Can I get an equivalent QPro certification/qualification?

Yes, There are many other entities The QPro list is a good guide to help you in this process.

Am I still certified since my PAHCS certification(s) changed to QPro Certification(s)?

Yes, your certification(s) with QPro is recognized just the same as any certification(s) you received as a PAHCS member, you are still certified. However, with a QPro certification, you are considered “Qualified” with the certifications you attained. In other words, there is more to QPro’s certifications than other certifying bodies, it requires time in the position/field of your expertise and shows that you are knowledgeable and can confidently code for your specialty. In addition, QPro certifications show you have the ability to achieve and maintain your credentials with QPro while staying up to date with current changes in healthcare.

Do you offer discounts for larger medical groups?

Groups of 10 or more users are eligible for a 10% discount on membership. Please contact QPro to get setup with your larger group.

I have a question not listed above. How do I contact QPro support?

Go to our “Contact us” link or Email support@qpro.com